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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Introduction and onward to Bangladesh

I am an MBA student at the NYU Stern School of Business and decided to pursue an internship in microfinance to experience micro-lending and microinsurance firsthand. My main interests in microfinance are increasing access to capital markets for MFIs and the financial sustainability of microinsurance programs. Last summer, I interned for the UN Capital Development Fund in New York helping develop a microinsurance initiative and working on a remittances project. This past school year, I worked on the NYU Microfinance Initiative to organize events such as panel discussions on the role of capital markets and the role of technology in microfinance.

After working in microfinance at the international development agency headquarters level, I have been eager to experience microfinance in the field. Before interning this summer in investment banking at Bank of America in New York, I will be interning with Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. I will be traveling in India on my way to Bangladesh. I hope to gain additional perspective on different micro-lending and microinsurance programs to compare and contrast with Grameen’s model and other Bangladesh MFIs. I am looking forward to my experience and sharing my observations and experiences with you.

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