The Microfinance Insider is a forum for graduate students engaged or interested in working in the field of microfinance. Through weekly posts and comments we hope to inspire students and foster the creation of a knowledge community of bloggers with a commitment to financial access and first hand industry information.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Welcome Back!

It is that time of the year again, internships have ended and most of our summer bloggers are heading back to school.

There will be some changes happening at The Microfinance Insider. Some of our summer bloggers will continue writing and they will be joined by guest bloggers and other students. Notably, the FAI research assistants (all graduate students themselves!) will start blogging to share their thoughts on the industry and keep you up to date on current microfinance happenings and academic endeavors.

Of course, all the opinions expressed are those of the bloggers and do not reflect the views of the Financial Access Initiative – this is a blog by students that respects a diversity of ideas.

If you would like to become an author for The Microfinance Insider, email us at with a note about your interest in MF and blogging, as well as a copy of your CV.

Happy reading,